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LabCorp integration is now in beta status!

We have finished development on our new LabCorp substance abuse screening integration, and we’re excited to announce that it is now ready to be tested by our first users!

What does being a first user tester mean?

This means that the feature has been completed and verified to work with test data, but has not been tested with real orders. We need volunteers to help us vet this feature and find any issues that may exist.
Pros: You get first access to the new integration to start using it right away, and you can start reaping the benefits of the new, simpler, more powerful experience.
Cons: You may encounter bugs or issues from time to time with orders that will require some troubleshooting.

If you currently use LabCorp

If you’re already using LabCorp to receive drug test results not through the integration, some of the configuration settings will automatically show up for you in Manage Client >> select client >> Product Settings. If you do not want to be a beta tester for the new integration and would like to continue working as normal until this issue is widely released, do NOT do anything with these settings.

labcorp product settings with a dropdown for accounts and other information

Requirements and getting started

1. You must either currently have an account with LabCorp, or set one up with them in order to start using our integration.
2. Be willing to give detailed feedback and reproduction steps, screenshots, browser or operating system information, etc., if you encounter any issues.
3. Contact us to let us know you’d like to help test by emailing support@tazworks.com, and we’ll help you get started!

Other drug screening integrations

If you’re not using LabCorp but still want to perform substance abuse screens, make sure you check out our other drug screening integrations:

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