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Email address added to search options

We have now added the ability for you to search records or applicants by using their email address. Just change the input field on the search bar to email address by clicking the caret to expand the menu and choosing email.

search option dropdown menu with client name, client code, file number refrence last name and email

You can search using an exact email address or a portion of their email address. For example, if you search “Test,” results would return Test123@Example.com as well as testing@tester.com.

Setting email as your search default

Step 1. Go into your Profile settings by selecting My Profile in the top right corner of your version of TazWorks’ software.

tazworks icon menu with the My Profile dropdown marked

Step 2. Select the Preferences tab under your profile settings.
Step 3. For the Simple Search Default field, click the drop-down and select Email.

under prefrences, there is a simple search default with the email item on the dropdown marked

Step 4. Select save to save your changes.
When Email is set to your default, your search will now display Email, and any information you enter in that field will search within the applicant email addresses in your system.

when the email search is selected, the search placeholder text reads Email
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