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Introducing the new TazSupport!

We are thrilled to announce a huge update and expansion of our support services—and the beginnings of an even larger project to provide you with more and better tools and services to support and empower your business and employees. Our support is already the best in the business (just see how our customers have rated us), but we’re not satisfied with just maintaining the status quo. Providing you with the best means constantly improving.

We’re going to be adding more functionality and making more announcements as we go, but our very first step we’re sharing with you is our switch to ZenDesk to manage our support. With this change, we can now offer you even more functionality than you’ve ever had before, better communication and support channels, more timely solutions, and more frequent and accurate status updates. In addition, this will also help us gain more insights into customer needs, product road map, and performance so we can know what updates we need to make to help you best.

View, track, and create support tickets within our new support portal

You can now create an account to view and track all your existing support tickets, so that it’s easy to always refer back to that one thing you asked about 6 months ago and can’t remember how to do. You can also create a new ticket directly from within the portal.

You can access the new portal from the Help section within InstaScreen (under your account menu) or by going directly to www.tazsupport.com.

Talk to us via email, phone, and now, CHAT

You’ll still be able to contact us using the same email address or phone number that you have previously, but now you can also chat with us live during business hours. Just click the little orange “Chat” icon within the support portal.

Find what you need even faster with our self-help documentation

We’ve created the early stages of what will be a robust knowledge base to help you know everything you need to use our software. We’re launching with more than 40 articles today giving an overview of how all the various areas of the platform work, and as we’ll be adding articles daily based on new features we create and the questions you ask, so that it will continue to grow and give you more tools to easily find the information you need.

To learn more about how to use all these new features, you can check out our article on accessing your TazSupport account both as an example and a guide!

These are just the first small pieces of what we’re planning, and we can’t wait to build on these even more and begin sharing all the other tools and opportunities with you, so stay connected with us via TazSupport so you don’t miss out on anything!

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