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TazWorks Surpasses 100 Million Searches on InstaScreen Version 2.0

TazWorks launched InstaScreen Version 1.0 in 2002 and completely rewrote the software known as Version 2.0 in 2008. Since that undertaking, TazWorks’ consumer reporting agency clients have placed over 100 million searches through InstaScreen Version 2.0, not including the searches still being placed in Version 1.0. Searches are included in background check reports for pre-employment screening, tenant screening, volunteer screening and more. To put it in perspective, that constitutes roughly 30 million background check files, which is nearly ten percent of the United States population.
Barton Taylor, TazWorks founder and CEO, attributes this accomplishment to the dedication and growth of TazWorks’ clients.
“Congratulations to our clients!” Taylor said. “This milestone reflects their hard work and commitment. It has been a delight to witness their growth and rewarding to know we contributed to their accomplishments. We are humbled by this achievement. It validates our investments into our clientele, our software and our team.”
Along with client growth, TazWorks has also made significant upgrades and modernization to all aspects of InstaScreen – from its user interface, components, and workflows, down through the software stack and the hardware environment it runs on. These enhancements will propel further growth and keep the development team producing more efficient and user friendly features for clients and applicants.
“In addition to the accomplishments of our clients, this milestone highlights the effectiveness of the technological investments we have been making over the past couple of years,” said Scott Kimball, TazWorks founder and CTO. “Changes to our development processes and technology infrastructure were not visible from the front end, but the proof is in these numbers. Now, we are even better positioned for continued exponential growth.”
Since the launch of Version 2.0, TazWorks has implemented many features to ensure that InstaScreen remains the most sophisticated and secure solution for background screening technology. The addition of applicant facing tools such as online applications along with TazWorks’ commitment to integrate with Applicant Tracking Systems are key factors to its success. TazWorks clients continue to praise the system’s efficiencies that allow them to do far more with less staff.
Contact TazWorks to efficiently increase your search volume at (801) 572-7401 or sales@tazworks.com.
About TazWorks
TazWorks is the developer of InstaScreen™, an enterprise grade background screening platform dedicated to providing the best screening workflows and partner integrations including employment, tenant and many more. TazWorks’ client-centric, collaborative approach to development has helped their clients to deliver the most innovative solutions in the industry.
The TazWorks team includes gifted software engineers committed to creating intuitive, user-friendly software, and their customer support team leads the industry in delivering prompt, extraordinary service. TazWorks has everything a screening agency needs to provide an industry leading background screening service to their clients.

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