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Choosing a Background Screening Technology Partner: Step 5

Static vs. Dynamic Software

The software industry only has one certainty—change. Change is one of the best indicators that businesses and are evolving and improving. However, this has created a unique challenge for software providers as they endeavor to stay up to date and provide the most user friendly experience on the market. To keep up with client demands and growth, a technology partner must constantly refine and improve their workflow. Software providers who are static will find it almost impossible to catch back up to industry standards before it’s too late. In an ever-evolving landscape, can your software partner continue to meet your needs six months from now or six years from now? Look for a background screening technology partner that practices the following:

Security and compliance vigilance

Two of the biggest risks in the background screening industry are security and compliance. In a world full of litigation and change, don’t settle! Look for a provider that goes above and beyond in their pursuit of exceptional security and compliance. The best technology partner provides solutions so CRA’s can implement and manage the newest and best practices such as FCRA Section 613 (a) compliance and middle name collection n Los Angele. They should invest in third-party consultants to test, monitor and certify the system for compliance and security.

Consistent feature output and updates

To stay ahead of your competition, you need an innovative software provider that regularly provides new features and updates. As the industry evolves, the software should too. Keep your clients happy by using a provider that offers the most advanced and up to date solution on the market. Don’t be afraid to ask how often your technology partner releases new updates and what they have in the pipeline.

Increased automation

Great systems will increase operational efficiency by providing time saving tools. By partnering with the right software, you will be empowered to accomplish more with less man power, which directly contributes to your bottom line. Improving automation is never done. Choose a partner that is always willing to improve and searches for new ways to increase your ROI.

Implements client suggestions

No one is better equipped to understand future software enhancements, industry demands or areas that need improvement than its users. Will your background screening technology partner ask you for your expertise? TazWorks holds an annual user group meeting to solicit feedback, ideas and requests from its users and puts their input into action. Make sure your voice is heard and select a software partner that has a track record of listening to their clients, the real industry experts.
Today’s background screening agencies are finding themselves involved in a heavily task oriented and litigious industry. Don’t be overwhelmed. Search for the partner who offers you the most compliant solution, provides automation to your growing business and allows you to participate in feature development.

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