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TazWorks Introduces the 'Report Data Server'

New Management reports will now run on our recently released Report Data Server (RDS) – a separate replicated database server – speeding up performance of InstaScreen.  The RDS has been optimized for management reports to run quickly and efficiently. We have also simplified the RDS database naming conventions and table structure for easier customization.
Free InstaScreen Report Designer Rolling out in March
TazWorks default management reports are being replaced and will roll out piece by piece starting in March. This will lighten the load for the core InstaScreen system and give management reporting a big performance boost. Best of all, the new reports have standardized and modifiable reporting templates as a starting point to address your business intelligence needs and your clients.
Report Data Connector Complete
TazWorks users now have access to their report data via a secure network connection called the Report Data Connector. Early users have been thrilled with the unique and customizable management reporting and the ability to combine other data sources.
Our early adopters are using Tableau.com to connect directly to their data on TazWorks’ RDS and build their own interactive dashboards as their business intelligence tool. These adopters have agreed to share a starter set of ad-hoc report templates. David Reed of Application Verification said, “I want to thank TazWorks for creating the Report Data Connector. With this tool and the Tableau business intelligence software, I have been able to save time and create customized reporting tools for management, my staff, and our clients. These reports include turn-around-time reports, labor costs vs. sales reports and a customized client dashboard to display relevant information they want to see on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.”
The best part is users can plug Tableau or any tool of their choice (ex. My SQL query tool) into RDS for a reasonable access fee.
If you would like to hire a consultant, you might consider Keyrus Data Intelligence. Keyrus prefers to connect Qlik or Tableau to our Data Connector, and can even help you get going from scratch. Keyrus was recently recommended by Bruce Berg of Bruce Berg Consulting. Contact Sam Strong at sam.strong@keyrus.com if you are interested in more information.  TazWorks and Keyrus are exploring options for a quick start configuration package to speed up gaining business intelligence and insight to patterns and trends in your business.
If you are a screening agency who requires unique and highly customizable management reporting, let’s get started! If you would like more information or are interested in using the Report Data Connector, please contact a TazWorks support representative.

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