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TazWorks Integrates With 21 New Data Providers

In the last year, TazWorks has implemented 21 new interfaces from a variety of data providers. Note below how the new integration with County Civil searches remain underutilized compared to the longstanding integrations County Criminal searches. Automation leads to efficiency, which ultimately puts more dollars in your pocket!


Check Out Some Of Our Newly Available Integrated Search Types and Vendors

County Criminal

  • Affirm
  • Brown Consulting Group
  • Criminal Research & Investigations
  • Priority Backgrounds

County Civil

  • Baxter

State Criminal

  • Priority Backgrounds

Federal Criminal

  • DexterBD
  • Omni Data Retrieval
  • SJV

Drug Results

  • i3screen
  • Omega Labs

Sex Offender

  • TradeHouse Data
  • SJV

Healthcare Compliance

  • SJV
  • Verisys – level 1m

Form i9/E-verify

  • I9 Advantage


  • NIC

The following sources are in beta testing and will be ready for general release soon:

Employment Verification

  • The Work Number (TWN)

Education Verification

  • National Student Clearing House (NSCH)
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