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Strategic Partnership Between TazWorks and I-9 Advantage Simplifies the Process

TazWorks LLC, a leading background screening software provider, is partnering with I-9 Advantage, a leading cloud-based Form I-9 compliance and E-Verify solution provider, to simplify the hiring process by streamlining background checks with automated employment eligibility and verification compliance procedures.
The solution developed jointly by I-9 Advantage and TazWorks will improve ease-of-use and efficiency with every Form I-9 processed. The integration offers a convenient method to organizations for digitally creating and managing compliant Form I-9s directly from Tazworks InstaScreen™ platform with the click of a button. The InstaScreen™ interfaces with dozens of background check providers, offering customizable workflows, flexible price configurations, and compliance friendly features. I-9 Advantage’s Form I-9 compliance solution is designed with walk-up usability, validate-as-you-go technology, and instant E-Verify submission to ensure compliance of Form I-9s. The integration between I-9 Advantage and TazWorks automates the ordering of Form I-9 from the background check, and facilitates storage and retrieval of the documents.
“By coupling our solution with TazWorks, organizations can dramatically streamline their compliance and onboarding processes, while automating employment screening from a single platform,” said Joseph N. Impastato, II, president and CEO, I-9 Advantage. “The seamless integration of these solutions will produce cost savings and an almost instantaneous ROI for our clients, thus adding to the profitability of their overall operations; mission accomplished.”
TazWorks Founder and CEO Barton Taylor explained that the simplified hiring process will be beneficial for human resource departments.
“I’m excited for the opportunity this presents for screening agency clients,” Taylor said. “This integration allows our clients more provider choices for our Form I-9 automation process and I-9 Advantage is certainly a popular choice.”
If you are interested in this streamlined HR service, please contact a TazWorks customer support representative or visit i9advantage.com.
About I-9 Advantage™
Founded in 2007 by technical innovators and experts in immigration law, I-9 Advantage™ is a leading- provider of the most trusted suite of cloud-based Form I-9 and E-Verify® employment verification software. I-9 Advantage’s product suite also includes solutions for digitally converting and correcting archived paper I-9s, I-9 Medic™, and a completely automated and mobile-enabled solution for remote hiring, I-9 Remote. I-9 Remote™ provides access to over 12,500 mobile notaries nationwide. I-9 Advantage™ distinctly delivers tailored solutions to meet each organization’s specific needs for a personalized customer experience. Over 1,800 clients and partners trust I-9 Advantage™ for their compliance needs. Find more information about I-9 Advantage™ at i9advantage.com.
About TazWorks
TazWorks’ InstaScreen™ is a simple and intuitive enterprise-grade system that offers a variety of background screening with the following services: employment screening, student/intern screening, substance abuse testing, individual screening, tenant screening, and business due diligence, volunteer screening, and Form I-9 Compliance. Instascreen™ background check software is reliable, secure, and user-friendly so that clients receive accurate data quickly in a format that’s easy to understand. Learn more about TazWorks by visiting tazworks.com.

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