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TazWorks Founder Visits NCRA Headquarters

When Terry Clemans was recommended to fill the vacant seat as the executive director, however, we knew we had found the right man for the job.
Since that time, Terry and I have maintained a long-term friendship. Over the years, he has extended an invitation to my family to visit his farm in central Illinois. This year, we decided to take him up on his offer. Upon arriving in Chicago, my entire family was treated to a Cubs game including executive access to the field before the game while the teams warmed up. They won, go Cubs! Following the game, Terry took us in turns on a tour of Chicago downtown night lights (without traffic, thank heavens) in his vintage convertible Cutlass Oldsmobile, topping the night off with Gino’s pizza. The next day we drove through cornfield after cornfield to arrive at Terry and his wife’s beautiful farm. One of the days, we all headed over towards Mississippi river and visited two towns with historical sites from my family’s heritage. From catching and releasing fish to four wheeling, grilling up a feast, bonfires and hand feeding his highlander cattle, we had a memorable adventure with Terry and Kay Clemens.
During the visit, we stopped by the NCRA offices and took this photo by the “Wall of Fame,” which displays an NCRA newsletter from every president. My claim to fame is that I had the privilege of being the association’s president when we made the decision to hire Terry as the executive director. Since that time, we have witnessed him build up the entire organization.
Terry Clemans is a great asset to the National Consumer Reporting Association. He rescued the association from the brink of disaster and it continues today. I have been very impressed with his work ethic, as well as, grateful for the hospitality and thoughtfulness he and his wife put into making our visit to Illinois spectacular.

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