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TazWorks announces release of QuickVerify

SALT LAKE CITY –- TazWorks LLC, a leading web-based background screening software company, released its new feature, QuickVerify™, to allow references to complete verifications without moving from their desk.
TazWorks officially announced the release of this new feature last week to clients in a user group meeting. QuickVerify™ empowers property managers, employers, and other references to request and submit customizable verifications online. Once the verification is complete, a reference’s answers will auto populate within InstaScreen™ software eliminating the need for transcribing information.
Spencer Minnick, a recent addition to the TazWorks team, said, “I wish this was a tool I had when I worked as a property manager. QuickVerify™ eliminates the hassle of filling out and faxing verifications and allows property managers to cut down the time it takes to turn an applicant into a resident.”
Back Track Screening’s Daniel Wetsel mentioned that the convenience of QuickVerify™ has decreased the turnaround time for his clients to receive verifications.
“Because QuickVerify™ sends the request to the references electronically and allows the references to complete the verification online, phone tag has been eliminated,” Wetsel said. “As a result, the overall turnaround time for completed verifications has decreased from an average of two business days to less than one business day.”
QuickVerify™ allows users to customize questions tailored to the needs of each client as well as attach forms such as an authorization for release of information, disclosures, etc.
QuickVerify™ is now available to all TazWorks clients at no extra cost. Those interested in learning more about the feature should watch the training video entitled “QuickVerify™ Web Verification Tool ” found on the ‘Help’ page of InstaScreen™.
About TazWorks
TazWorks was founded in 2002 to provide background screening companies with a world-class, affordable background check software application. The TazWorks team offers decades of experience in computer programming, background screening, and customer service.
InstaScreen™ is the product developed to exceed the diverse background screening requirements of the business, property management, volunteer organization, student/intern, and healthcare industries. It is a direct result of the cooperative effort between the TazWorks team and the TazWorks client base, resulting in a software package that takes the screening process to the highest level. TazWorks’ “Simple. Powerful.” technology ensures that no matter the market segment, your clients receive accurate data quickly, securely, and in a format that is easy to understand.
Learn more about TazWorks by visiting the TazWorks website
To learn more about TazWorks’ InstaScreen™ Background Check Software, contact our sales department at 801.572.7401 ext 3 or contact us here.

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