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Improve Background Check Compliance

“The Trail” is an interactive wiki that has been tailored with instacreen clients in mind. As a client of Tazworks background check software for the past 7 years we have created policy, procedures, flow charts, best practices, laws and regulations, an accreditation guide with documentation and so much more tailored to match the needs of Taz clients using instascreen.
With competition at an all time high many are looking for a slight edge to set themselves apart. Whether it is improving customer service, reduced time in training, consistency or NAPBS accreditation “The Trail” is your answer. If you are looking for solutions to these problems please contact us and we will get you in touch with the creators of this fabulous product
You can learn more about “The Trail” by contacting Bryan Jensen at 866-223-8822.
Note: This is a guest post by Bryan Jensen of The Trail. In this post, Bryan promotes a great service that helps employment background check agencies improve operational efficiency and compliance.

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