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TazWorks Partners with Convergence Research

SALT LAKE CITY (July 2, 2008) — TazWorks LLC, a web-based background screening software company has teamed up with Convergence Research, to deliver the most Simple.™ Powerful.™ software in the industry. The partnership will combine the power of TazWorks InstaScreen Premiere 2.0™ with the accuracy and reliability of Convergence, a wholesale criminal researcher.
Using TazWorks revolutionary Standardized Data Exchange Gateway, Convergence Research added themselves to a growing list of savvy vendors who are partnering with TazWorks and taking a giant leap forward in the integration of information and technology.
In addition, having an integrated solution will allow TazWorks’ affiliates to attract new clients and, therefore, grow their business with new sources of revenue and improve their overall competitive position by increasing their share of background checks.
“For 6 years we’ve been dedicated to giving our clients a competitive advantage by partnering with leading solution providers. Convergence Research is a perfect fit. They share our commitment to provide superior products and excellent customer service. The accuracy and attention to detail of Convergence Research combined with our InstaScreen™ will be a powerful asset for background screening companies,” said Barton Taylor, president of TazWorks.
About TazWorks
TazWorks, LLC was founded in October, 2002 and is located in Draper, Utah. The founders are the perfect combination for success: A programming engineer with extensive experience and expertise in Internet technology, development, security, and data connectivity; and an expert in the background screening industry, who understands the industry requirements and successfully founded, managed, and subsequently sold a well respected consumer reporting agency.
Learn more about TazWorks by visiting http://www.tazworks.net/ or call us at 801.572.7401.
About Convergence Research
Convergence Research Inc. was founded with the vision of providing the background screening industry with the expedience, cost benefits, and premium customer service that was lacking elsewhere. We are a 100% wholesale company and do not own or support a retail division, so we do not compete with our customers for any of their business. We manage and maintain our own nationwide network of retrievers and cover every county in the U.S.
We have built our research software solution to encompass the essential attributes of security, availability and flexibility and integrate with companies that support the high standards and level of service to which we hold ourselves. We are therefore proud to partner with TazWorks in supplying all your professional research screening needs.

Learn more at www.convergenceresearch.com or call (513) 737-5813.

For further information on Tazwork’s new InstaScreen Premiere 2.0™ and to learn more about how the company can assist customers improve their efforts in the background check industry, contact sales at 801.572.7401 Ext 3 or contact us. Read more about InstaScreen Premiere 2.0™

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